How to send whatsapp message without adding to contact in 2021

Do you do WhatsApp Search or try to send WhatsApp message without saving number?


  1. Send message without saving mobile numbers
  2. Send self message to save notes/grocery list etc.
  3. Check if mobile number exist on WhatsApp.

Hey! I am coming directly to the topic without giving any boring introduction. If you reached here to know how you can send WhatsApp messages without saving numbers then this is absolutely the right place. You can search WhatsApp number too. Let’s begin.

Visit:- or click here

Once the page is opened you have to just enter 10 digits mobile number and the magic is there. If a searched mobile number is using WhatsApp then definitely you can send messages without wasting your time in adding to contact. This is very helpful to business persons where they need to send once or twice a single message.

For Fun: Just search your number and send self messages. 😎😎

Search whatsapp number 2021

When searched mobile number not using WhatsApp above the screen will appear.

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